Making Sense of Special Educational Needs

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Why Use Education Advocacy?

Many parents may find the process of dealing with the Local Authority (LA)/professionals confusing and alien. Even if you are a professional person you think you hear them say one thing and it turns out you did not quite “understand” what they were saying. You are trying to manage your child, your home, other family members, hold down a job and manage a school/LA/other professional, all of whom have different and competing agendas!  It is no wonder parents get stressed by this! Education, Health and Social Care departments talk an entirely different language with many ‘hidden’ subtexts which you may not fully understand. You ask questions and are told “that is the way it is – that’s the policy!” Your child is in the middle of all this and no one is thinking of him.  All people seem to be worried about is the budget. It is no wonder parents feel they are being bounced around from pillar to post. Our view is that you are the expert on the child.  We are experts on ‘the system’.  Between us, working as a team, we should have the skills to get your child the help and support they need to reach their potential. As a parent you will be going through this process, probably for the first time, Education Advocacy do it every day.  We understand:

  • The legal background
  • The procedures
  • The case law
  • The SEN Code of Practice
  • Other Statutory Guidance
  • The jargon
  • The process
  • How and when you respond to official correspondence
  • What you say, or do not say, at official meetings
  • We know what the LA is likely to say and how to respond and counter argue their point of view
  • We know and understand the standard LA responses; we also know the law and frame your case accordingly.

We will be alongside you, supporting you, every step of the way.

Our Results

You might be reassured to hear that approximately 75% of Education Advocacy’s cases are conceded by Local Authorities before attending Tribunal. This spares parents the emotional and financial stress of going to Tribunal.

In some circumstances, seeing a case through to Tribunal is the only way to achieve what your child needs. If it is necessary to attend Tribunal then Education Advocacy has an approximate 96-98% success rate. Although these figures are accurate, we cannot guarantee that your case will be successfully resolved.