What We Do & What it Costs

Education Advocacy provides families with experienced legal advice to obtain a lawful EHCP for your child in a cost-efficient manner.  We do this by:

1. Initial Case Review – £450 inc VAT

We start by an Initial Case Review, for a fixed fee of £450 inc VAT. 

We ask for a complete copy of all the documentation that you hold on your child.  We are happy to accept that information by email or via the post/courier.  We will scan and email you a copy of the documentation you have supplied to us.  That bundle will be page numbered and our written advice will refer to these page numbers.  We will then review the documentation and produce a written advice which will cover the following points:

  • Comments on the documentation
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • What you need to do to hopefully win your case
  • What type of experts you may need to instruct
  • Chances of success
  • Key dates
  • Likely costs ‘estimate‘
  • Next steps/actions

The Initial Case Review scopes the issues in the case.  It is a standalone piece of work which offers no obligation on either side.

Along with the Initial Case Review letter we also enclose copies of our Form of Authority and a copy of our Terms & Conditions.

Following the completion of our Initial Case Review you can either instruct us, to run your child’s case, or walk away with no obligation.

Experience has shown that the more information we have, on a child/young person, the more accurate the advice will be.  It does not matter how much paper you send us.

We normally produce the review within 10-15 working days once we have been paid and received all the papers.   However, the turnaround time is dependent on the caseload that we are carrying.  If there is an urgent issue, or submission has to be made urgently, then we can deal with this under separate arrangement – please tell us about this when you contact us.

The Initial Case Review is key to our relationship with you, the client.  We are setting out clear expectations on both sides and a plan as to how we will address the issues in your case.

The Distance Selling Regulations give you a right to cancel within 14 days of receipt of your payment to us, which we take as you instructing us to carry out an Initial Case Review on your child.  Because our service to you will begin immediately (when we receive your payment and papers) you acknowledge that your right to cancel is lost.

2. Casework

Once you have received the Initial Case Review you need to decide whether you wish to formally instruct us.

If you instruct us, we will require a further £1000 to be held against the final bill.  We have had a number of clients who have started working with us and then disappeared leaving us with the costs of the work done in that month.  The £1000 is credited to your account.  It remains your money.  If the final bill at the end of the case is £1,500 you will only pay £500, or if the final bill is £500 then we will refund you £500.

We charge £130 ph plus VAT for work carried out from our offices and £160 ph plus VAT for attendance at meetings either in person or via video link.  Time is charged from when we leave the office until we return.

You will be billed monthly in arrears.  Payment is due within 14 days from date of invoice.  If payment is not made, then work ceases on the file.  This is explained in greater detail in the Terms & Conditions which takes precedent over this brief explanation.

We will then start work on the case.  We will conduct all of the correspondence with the LA and experts, produce/prepare/serve submissions to the Tribunal, review independent expert reports, make suggestions as to placement and deal with the day to day correspondence that may be necessary in the case.  We will work alongside you to get your input though out the case.  We are mindful that our work will cease one day, however, you have to live with the results of our work.

3. Meetings

It may be necessary to attend meetings with the school or LA during the case.  If it is deemed necessary for us to attend then we can either attend in person, which will be charged at the £160 ph plus VAT plus travel costs or we can do them via a conference call from our office at £160 ph plus VAT.

4. Hearings

In person or Oral Hearings

A B/F appeal is normally a half day in court with 4/5 hours review by the advocate talking the case to Tribunal.  In addition travel time and hotel costs are charged at cost.

A B/F/I appeal is 1 day in court with 1 day in preparation at 8 hours a day plus travel and accommodation. 

Video Hearings

The time limits are the same as above but since the work is being conducted from the office we will not be charging to travel or accommodation.

All Tribunal work is charged at £160 ph plus VAT.

To find out more please call 0330 333 4130 or register for your free* 30 minute consultation.

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* We do not have a contract with the Legal Aid Agencies and so cannot advise on a case where the client is on Income Support / Employment Support Allowance. Please refer directly to https://www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid you will then receive a call back to discuss your case. ​

of Education Advocacy cases are settled in favour of the parent before attendance at Tribunal.
of Education Advocacy cases that go to Tribunal are a success.