Making Sense of Special Educational Needs

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Our Fees

Education Advocacy offer parents an affordable alternative to solicitors, charging approximately one third to a half of what you would expect to pay most lawyers.

All new clients receive a free* 30 minute initial telephone consultation.

Following your telephone consultation, you then need to decide whether you wish us to review your child’s case. We call this process the Initial Case Review. This is a standalone piece of work which does not commit you to instructing us.  You can walk away from us at any time during this phase. The cost to complete an Initial Case Review is a fixed fee of £450 inclusive of VAT.

To initiate an Initial Case Review we ask that you forward us all the documentation regarding your child. We will review the documentation and produce a written advice which will cover the following points:

  • Comments on the documentation
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your case
  • What you need to do to hopefully win your case
  • What type of experts you may need to instruct
  • Chances of success
  • Key dates
  • Likely costs ‘estimate‘
  • Next steps/actions

Following the completion of our Initial Case Review you can either instruct us, to run your child’s case, or walk away with no obligation. The costs associated with full instruction are noted below.

Client casework will be charged at £120 per hour plus VAT. Advocacy/Attendance at SEND Tribunals and meetings, plus preparation and travel time to/from those meetings, will be charged at £150 per hour plus VAT.

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