Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP)

Education Advocacy provides expert legal advice and support offering parents an affordable alternative to solicitors, charging approximately one third to a half of what you would expect to pay most lawyers.

Our experienced caseworkers are dedicated to working with you to understand the specific needs of your child.

Education, Health & Care Plan encompasses:

  • Request for Statutory Assessment; Refusal to Assess; Refusal to Issue an EHCP; Appeal against needs and provision within the EHCP
  • Increasing/Adding support e.g. Learning Support Assistant/Speech & Language Therapy/Occupational Therapy/Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA)/Physiotherapy/specialist teacher
  • Placements e.g. specialist day schools/residential placements at specialist schools

In addition, Education Advocacy can prepare your appeal documentation and represent you and your child at Independent Appeal Panel hearings in the following areas:

  • Admissions Appeals – where a child already has special educational needs
  • Disability Discrimination Claims
  • Exclusions Appeals
  • School Refusal – where children are refusing to attend school through sickness or bullying and have not been offered any alternative education
  • Bullying
  • Home Tuition
  • School Transport
  • Post 16 Support