Making Sense of Special Educational Needs

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Our Cases

Statement of Special Educational Needs (SSEN)/Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCP)

Education Advocacy provides expert legal advice and support offering parents an affordable alternative to solicitors charging around one third of what you would expect to pay most lawyers. 

Our experienced caseworkers are dedicated to working with you to understand the specific needs of your child.

Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN)/Education, Health & Care Plan encompasses:

  • Request for Statutory Assessment; Refusal to Assess; Refusal to issue a EHCP; Appeal against needs and provision within the SSEN/EHCP
  • Increasing/Adding support e.g. Learning support assistant; speech and language therapy; occupational therapy; physiotherapy specialist teacher
  • Placements specialist day schools
  • Residential placements at specialist schools

In addition, Education Advocacy can prepare your appeal documentation and represent you and your child at the Independent Appeal Panel hearings in the following areas:

  • Admissions Appeals – where a child already has Special Educational Needs
  • Disability Discrimination Claims
  • Exclusions Appeals
  • School Refusal – where children are refusing to attend school through sickness or bullying and have not been offered any alternative education.
  • Bullying
  • Home Tuition
  • School Transport
  • Post 16 Support

Case Study - Discrimination Tribunal

'My son had been discriminated against and I was looking towards an appeal under the Disability Discrimination Act with SENDIST.  With Education Advocacy’s unwavering help I took my local school to tribunal on 3 counts of discrimination.

Over many months Education Advocacy Case worker supported me, calmed me when I was anxious and reassured me when I worried. At the tribunal my caseworker proved to have an outstanding knowledge of the complexities of my case. We were able to prove that on one of the counts the school were discriminatory and this would not have happened without the superb help, which Education Advocacy gave me.
Single Mother, 11 year old son with autism

Case study - Residential Placement

'I am currently waiting to go to appeal to get a residential placement for my son.

With the advice and support that Education Advocacy provide I am much more confident with writing letters to the Local Authority and to the other professionals involved with my son. This is almost exclusively due to the support, help and backup I have received from Education Advocacy. I send my caseworker copies of every letter I write before I send it, as I know he will point out any errors, and I trust in his abilities implicitly.

Education Advocacy was able to suggest independent reports would be extremely helpful and was able to recommend experts for us to go and see.
Father, 9 year old daughter with dyslexia

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* We do not have a contract with the Legal Aid Agencies and so cannot advise on a case where the client is on Income Support/ Employment Support Allowance. Please refer directly to you will then receive a call back to discuss your case.
54% of Education Advocacy cases are settled in favour of the parent before attendance at Tribunal. This saves parents the significant emotional trauma and expense of going through a Tribunal hearing.
Education Advocacy have a 91% success rate with cases that go to tribunal which means your money and emotional investment is likely to pay off ensuring your child benefits from the right educational provision and placement.